Your body is designed to feel really, really great.

Life can get in the way of this sometimes and we can find ourselves imbalanced from time to time though.

And that’s ok.

The Wellness Series is designed to bring you back to yourself.


Everything you do, don't do, think, listen to, interact with, eat or drink should support you feeling your best. Your lifestyle determines how great you feel, or how great you don’t feel too.

You are in control. We know this, but it can be difficult to decide what to do to feel our best when we are ready to make adjustments. We search for a magic pill, but what we actually need is a new strategy, a new way of thinking about our bodies so that we can intuitively know what to choose to get and to stay healthy. The most valuable guidance I can offer you as a Practitioner therefore isn't advice that tells you what to do, but instead teaches you how to think differently, how to interact with yourself fully and how to respect your body so that it stays strong, vibrant and young.


The Wellness By Helen Series includes all of my principles for functional health alongside my best lifestyle advice to guide you in adjusting your habits and to shape your foundation, with the intention for you to no longer need anyone else’s advice to find balance because you’ll understand how to choose for you, based on you.

The Series includes modules discussing:

Redefining Health

Understanding + Discovering Your Nature

Your Internal Fire + Digestion

Balancing Stress

Regaining Your Vitality + Rebuilding Your Immune System

Harmonizing Your Hormones

How to Keep Your Brain Happy

The Secret to Glowing Skin

The Energetics of Food

Everything you need to know about reaching your optimal state of wellness is included here and I will teach you how to apply it from a practitioner’s perspective so that it is relevant for your own life. No more looking up the latest trend, researching the newest fad or following popular instagram accounts for health and fitness advice.

 You deserve to live your best life, and that begins with feeling your very best.

Each different principle presented will challenge you to adjust certain aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle habits guiding you to reach your own personal state of balance, based on your unique bio-type and individual personality. We will deconstruct trending topics while layering in ancient Ayurvedic and modern day Functional Medicine principles to bring you a well rounded thought process that will get you thinking about health and wellness a little differently.

What you choose doesn't matter as much as why you are choosing it, based on an understanding that everything is connected and everything you do is either nourishing you, or depleting you. 

The videos in this series are intended for you to pick one or peer through them all. Go at your own pace and absorb the knowledge, supported with a structured timeline for proper habit building. In just a few short weeks, you will emerge feeling renewed, empowered and confident in understanding your body. Take your health into your own hands by subscribing to our online wellness course.


Welcome to the first step in taking control of your health.

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